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WYSM “Reminder Band” Program

ALL WYSM participants and WYSM Supporters are offered the privilege of wearing our silicone band.

Before wearing this band, one must make a promise to ALWAYS follow our three “WYSM Principles”

Principle #1 – ETHICS

We must promise to stay ethically sound and crime-free!

Our first principle is designed to remind us that we must abide by the law, but it is sometimes as important to remember that as police officers and community members, we have “policies” that must be adhered to in order to prevent misconduct.  Although violating these policies are not always a violation of a law, these type of unethical policy violations interrupt partnerships that we are dedicated to helping police and the community strengthen.

Principle #2 – CHARACTER

Our Character is what we do when nobody is looking.  That is what really matters.

Our second principle is designed to remind us thatmost of the poor decisions we may if life are often made when no one is looking.  By wearing our “Reminder Band” 24/7,  we are reminded “someone is always’’ looking.  Before we engage in drug use, or alcohol abuse… Before we engage in a criminal act or participate in an act of violence between police and the community… We will be reminded that someone is always looking.

Principle #3 – TRUTH

The Truth is that we are human and we should be able to get along.

Our third principle is designed to remind us that we are all human and we should not act on our biases.  We should realize that whether police officer or community member, homosexual or heterosexual, Christian or Jewish, White or Black, we are all HUMAN and this will always be the TRUTH.  The day that we all wear a “Common Uniform” is the day that we will be safer in this world.  How cool would it be if a police officer who was wearing a WYSM band contacted a valued member of a community who was wearing a “WYSM band” and based off the fact that they engage in peace and NOT violence because they share a “common uniform” and they have made a promise that they would engage in peace and not violence.

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