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Matthew Saldana is a member of WYSM’s Advisory Board.  His involvement in the program began in the spring of 2011, where he met Executive Director, Jason Lehman, at a Gang Reduction Intervention Prevention (GRIP) meeting in Long Beach.  After the meeting, he was so intrigued hearing about the WYSM message that he arranged for Jason to present the program at Beach High School where Matt currently serves as principal.</p><p>Matt’s career as an educator began three decades ago, and he has worked in administration since 1996. In his current role as Principal at Beach High School, an Alternative Education High School in the Long Beach Unified School District, Matt is responsible for overseeing approximately 350 students. These students all have great potential but are in need of real-life learning experiences along with traditional education.  The WYSM presentation has been integrated as part of the Beach High School students’ curriculum, with virtually every student receiving the opportunity to attend and gain an understanding of why police “do what they do.” Throughout his 30-year-career in education, Matt believes WYSM is the most powerful program he has witnessed that affects change in the beliefs and values of his students.Matt Saldana received his Associate of Arts degree from Golden West Community College, a Bachelor of Arts degree and Teaching Credential in Industrial Education from California State University, Long Beach, a Masters degree and Administrative Credential from the University of LaVerne, and a School of Business Management Certificate from the University of Southern California. Under his leadership, Beach High School was recently named “Outstanding Partner” with Long Beach BLAST (Better Learning for All Students Today).

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