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Lorenzo J. Uribe is a member of WYSM’s Advisory Board. He is a veteran of the Long Beach Police Department serving the community since 2005. He is also the president of the National Latino Peace
Officer’s Association – Long Beach Chapter, an organization that promotes equality and professionalism in policing while providing educational workshops and mentoring to its members.Mr. Uribe’s firsthand experience of policing an area ridden by violent crime coupled with his community involvement has been crucial to the development of the WYSM program’s content. He believes that WYSM can help foster a partnership between the community and law enforcement, where the fruit of this partnership reduces, and hopefully eliminates, violent confrontations between both parties. Mr. Uribe attended California State University of Long Beach where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s degree in Emergency Service Administration. Prior to serving as president of the National Latino Peace Officer’s Association, Lorenzo previously presided as the president of the National American Criminal Justice Association-Sigma Pi chapter in Long Beach. Mr. Uribe has also taught courses in criminal procedures and patrol tactics at
Long Beach City College and won numerous awards for community service. In 2012, he was honored with the Meritorious Award for Bravery from the Long Beach Police Department.

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