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Erik Miller is a member of WYSM’s Advisory Board. As a member of the Advisory Board, Erik assists in enhancing the program’s content, approving the budget, and coordinating the WYSM presentations to other community-based organizations. Erik is a Long Beach native who grew up in a crime-ridden neighborhood. Beating the odds, he graduated from Woodbury University with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. He began his career as a designer with Steinberg Architects in Los Angeles. After doing some career exploration, Erik recognized that his true passion is working with youth. He is currently employed as a Program Manager for Operation Jump Start, a mentoring program in Long Beach. In this role he monitors the academic progress of students, organizes events, and recruits new students and mentors. Erik works with many different nonprofits in numerous capacities but is most known for founding the P.E.A.C.E. League, while serving as the chair of Long Beach GRIP Project, and being an alumni and President of the Beta Lambda Chi fraternity. Erik’s goal is for WYSM to raise the level of respect for law enforcement in the inner cities in order to create stronger and safer communities.

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